Which are the Essential Minerals Found in Drinking water and their Benefits

Essential Minerals Found in Drinking water and their Benefits
Essential Minerals Found in Drinking water and their Benefits

The essential minerals in the water are as follows:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Copper
  • Iron
  • Selenium
  • Chromium
  • Zinc

Now let’s have a look at the benefits of these minerals.



Everybody knows that calcium is essential to build and maintain strong bones.

It helps heart muscles and nerves to function properly.

Proper amount of calcium also prevent the risk of colonial cancer.

It also protects you from syndromes like mood swings, hypertension, dizziness and many others.



Magnesium is very essential for energy creation.

It helps to convert food into energy.

Research also shows that it boost the exercise performance athletes.

Magnesium also has a major role in the proper functioning of your brain and it can also affect your mood if you intake low magnesium.

Lower magnesium intake also results in increase in the risk of developing diabetes.

Magnesium can also helps in lowering blood pressure.



Sodium helps to prevent sunstroke.

It also helps in improving brain function.

It also reduce muscle cramps.

Sodium is also necessary for proper skin care. It basically works as an anti aging agent.

Sodium is also critical in maintaining healthy blood pressure.



Potassium in essential for maintaining healthy blood pressure.



Phosphorus is essential for proper bone growth.

It also helps in proper digestion.

It also essential to remove toxins from your body.

Prosperous also helps in reducing fatigue and weakness.

Phosphorus is critical for healthy brain functioning.

Prosperous also helps in weight loss as it increases metabolism which will help your body to break down the fats and carbohydrates much quicker.



Copper is essential for proper growth.

Copper also works as an anti aging agent for your skin.

It also helps in the absorption of iron.



Iron is necessary for proper brain functioning.

It is also a very important nutrient for your muscles.

It is a vital nutrient for treating anemia.

It also helps to Boost Your immune system.



Selenium works as and very good antioxidant.

It also protects you from heart diseases.

It may also protect you from some cancer like cervical and uterine cancer.



Chromium protects you from Diabetes.

It also helps to reduce cholesterol.

Chromium is essential for maintaining healthy heart.

It also prevent you from gaining weight.

Chromium is also essential for healthy brain.



Zinc works as a very good antioxidant.

It also helps you maintaining a good heart health.

It protects you from diarrhea.

It also help in increasing fertility.

Zinc is also good for healthy liver.

Zinc is also essential for muscle growth and repair.

It may also prevent you from cancer.


            So these are the essential minerals in the water and their benefits. It is important to know that a proper amount of all the essential minerals is good for health. Inadequate minerals or over intake of mineral can also cause serious problems.

           During RO water purification these essential minerals may get removed from the water.

But almost all the RO water purifiers comes with either a TDS controller / modular or mineralizer / test enhancer which basically helps to retain such essential minerals in the water.


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