Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

Girl Drinking Water
Girl Drinking Water

Almost half of our body is made from water. Also 75% of the brain and heart is made from water.

Even 1% drop in the normal water volume of the body can cause temporary unconsciousness.

That’s why water is very essential for maintaining good physical and mental health.

There are many benefits of drinking enough water.

Benefits of Drinking Enough Water Info-graphic
Benefits of Drinking Enough Water Info-graphic

1. Flush out toxins

Water helps removing toxins from the body through urination and sweat.


2. Maintaining good mental health

As mentioned above 75% of our brain is made from water. So drinking enough water is very important to maintain a good mental health.

Studies shows that when you are thirsty it is difficult for you to concentrate or focus.


3. Improve skin complexion

As your body is made up of 60% of the water it is very and essential to drink enough water to maintain good skin complexion.

Drinking enough water ensure that your skin is enough moisturized which prevents wrinkles.


4. Weight loss

Drinking enough water also helps in weight loss. It prevents hunger and it also boosts your metabolism.

Drinking enough water also removes fat by products.


5. Boosts immune system

Drinking enough water is very essential for a good immune system.

Water promotes the production of Lymph which carries water and other essential nutrients to your body parts through blood.

If you don’t drink enough water there will be low production of Lymph which will make you weak and it affects your immune system.


6. To maintain body temperature

Water is very essential to maintain your normal body temperature.

Basically sweat helps to maintain your body temperature and the main component of sweat is water so drinking enough water is very essential to maintain normal body temperature.


7. Helps to treat kidney stones

It is proven that drinking more water is helpful in treating kidney stones.

So if you are suffering from kidney stone it is very essential to drink more water for its treatment.


8. Prevent headaches

Water also helps in preventing the headaches. Headaches usually caused due to dehydration.

So if you keep your body hydrated by consuming enough water then you will not suffer from headaches.


9. Puts you in a better mood

As water is very beneficial to maintain physical and mental health when you keep your body hydrated by drinking enough water you you put yourself in a better mood.


               Also drinking pure water is critical. Just simple boiling don’t make the water pure. But instead it removes dissolved oxygen from the water which is beneficial for proper digestion.

Also some contaminants such as harmful dissolved Salts and solids as well as heavy metals like mercury, arsenic and lead can be removed from water only by RO water purifier.

Also to get rid of all the microbes like bacteria, viruses and protozoa UV water purifiers are essential.

What kind of water purifier would be ideal for you is really depend upon many factors and it varies person to person.

This water purifier buying guide will help you to choose the ideal water purifier for you.


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